About HPA

One of Florida's largest private cover schools.

Hillcrest Private Academy started as Hillcrest Academy Free School in March 2010. Since our humble beginnings of only a few students, our school has become one of the largest private cover schools in Florida.

HPA is a Department of Education-registered and -recognized private school in the state of Florida, and maintains compliance with the following state private school statutes:

  • 1002.42(2)(b)
  • 1012.32
  • 1002.01
  • 1003.23(2)
  • 1003.22(1)(2)
  • 1003.01(13)
  • 1003.21(1).

Our mailing address is:

Hillcrest Private Academy
PO Box 11456
Pensacola, Florida 32524 United States

Enrollment in HPA legally meets the compulsory attendance laws of Florida. Florida DOE #5568. Our office is in Escambia County, Florida, school district number 01650. Our school district code number is 57-5568.

Helping Homeschool Students in Florida and Around the World

While HPA students reside primarily in the State of Florida, USA, we have students worldwide. Like many homeschooling families, most HPA students are taught primarily by their parents. However, we also have an articulation agreement with Florida Virtual School’s online education program. Parents and students of HPA enjoy the freedom to choose the curriculum that best meets the needs of their families.

Florida Options for Compulsory Attendance Laws

There are three options in the Florida Statutes for families who wish to educate their children at home. All three options legally meet the state’s compulsory attendance laws:

  1. Enroll in a non-campus-based private school that is, a private school that facilitates home education and follows the procedures set by the school.
  2. Establish a home education program with the state, as defined in the statutes: Florida State Statutes
  3. Establish a private tutoring program.

Please refer to the Florida School Choice page for further information: floridaschoolchoice.org

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