Scholarships and Financial Assistance Program

If you are in need of tuition assistance and cannot afford all or a portion of the annual tuition for one or more students in your family, please fill out the application below. Please provide as much information as possible so we can assess your need and promptly give you an award decision. We will review your application and, if possible, award you all or a portion of your tuition for the current school year. We will notify you by email of your reward status when a final decision is made or if we need further information or documentation.

Please Note: Financial assistance is not guaranteed. It will be determined based on the viability of your application and on the scholarship funds available when the application is received. Financial aid will be given based on the availability of funds and level of need.

Need is the most critical priority for the Financial Assistance Program.

***All provided documents and information will only be used for financial aid award considerations. All documents and information provided in this application are encrypted and will always remain private and confidential.***