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We are a year-round school and we accept enrollments year-round.

Your school year is what you make it, but as per the laws of our home state of Florida*, it must be at least 180 days “attended.” The great news is, you have 365 days in which to complete it.

The following requirements are per the Florida Statutes Chapter 1002 Private Schools.


  1. A copy of a Birth Certificate for each child enrolled – is necessary for those entering kindergarten only or those who have never before been registered in a public or private school.
    • Further information may be obtained via The Florida Department of Health – My-Florida.com – Birth Certificates or National Center for Health Statistics – Where to Write for Vital Records.
  2. Student Health Examination (HRS-H Form 3040) or waiver form.
  3. Florida Certificate of Immunization (HRS Form 680) or waiver form
    • Must be current information (no more than one-year-old)
    • Further information is available via The Florida Department of Health – School Health: Coordinated School Health.
  4. Complete the HPA enrollment application below.
  5. Once your child is enrolled, there is no need to re-enroll annually as long as there are no lapses in tuition.


180 days of compulsory attendance during the entire school term, according to the Florida Administrative Code. Being that we are a year-round school, our “term” is 365 days per school year.

*Daily attendance records are pursuant to the laws of the State of Florida and the rules of the State Board of Education. Attendance is recorded automatically with paid tuition.

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