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Standard High School Transcript Requirements

Transcripts for HPA High School students are not required but they are HIGHLY recommended. One never knows where life will lead for the students. We are often contacted by former students who need transcripts later in life, so it’s best to prepare them well for their futures now so they do not have to scramble later if needed.

Below are the standard accepted transcript requirements for college entry in the State of Florida. Your State or program may vary. The requirements for college entry can vary greatly depending on the institution or program in question. Best practices would be to contact the program, school, college, university or institution to inquire about the prerequisites and requirements for the specific degree, program or career the student wishes to pursue.

These are not necessarily required of every program, but guidelines to help those students wishing to go on to college or university after graduation. The requirements below are the standards set by the State of Florida for graduation from public school and therefore they are the standard accepted by most institutions. There are NO current State mandated requirements for homeschooled or private school students for graduation.

We advise that you check with the institution or program that the student wishes to attend after high school for their specific prerequisites and transcript requirements. Do this as early in the high school career as possible and adjust the education to suit those requirements.

  • Earn a standard high school diploma with a minimum 2.5 GPA in 18 core academic courses which are:
    • 4 courses in English (at least three with substantial writing)
    • 4 courses in math (Algebra I and higher level courses)
    • 3 courses in natural science (at least two with a lab)
    • 3 courses in social studies
    • 2 courses in the same foreign language
    • 2 electives

The graphics below are from the Florida Department of Education. It is the diploma requirement for Florida public schools. Your homeschooling transcripts are NOT required to fit into these public school’s standard, but it is a good guideline for reference, especially if the student wishes to go to college.

Bright Futures Scholarships

If the student is interested in applying for the Bright Futures Scholarship, the transcript must also contain the specific course numbers required by bright futures. In that case, the transcript will be filled out as usual and you will need to contact us to set up a counseling appointment to add the course numbers and adjust the transcripts as needed to meet the requirements of Bright Futures. If you are unsure what courses are required, check with the program the student will enter to determine their requirements before filling out the transcript. If applying for Bright Futures, you must use the courses/course numbers on the bright futures link below.

Here is the link to the specific course numbers and information for the Bright Futures Scholarship.

(This page is under construction-more information for High Schoolers including information regarding diplomas, transcripts, dual enrollment, etc. will be coming soon!)