Can my high school student participate in public school extracurricular activities?

Frequently Asked Questions

Enrolling in extracurricular activities at your local public high school and some middle schools is easy in some school districts. However, each school and district sets its policy.

The best thing to do is ask your assigned school or district about the procedures. According to State Statutes, some public school extracurricular activities may be extended to private school students if said private school does not offer the desired program. The school will give you EL12 forms, one for you and one for us to fill out. If you need this form filled out and signed by us, please get in touch with us. These forms are also available to you on the documents page of your account. Please be aware that there are some stipulations regarding the total number of enrolled students in the school you are attending, and this may affect your sports application acceptance as we are over the standard requirements. Whether it is accepted or not is completely up to the institution, you are applying to.