Does being a member of a private school (that offers a homeschooling option) take the place of the record keeping and testing requirements required of homeschooler by the county/state?

Frequently Asked Questions

Registering with a private school is a valid alternative for homeschoolers who choose not to register with the home education office in their county. Those registered in a private school must meet the requirements of that private school within the law. HPA does not require a particular method of record keeping, report cards, transcripts, curriculum, classes, credits, or testing. However, we encourage all families to document learning activities in some form. We offer optional online record keeping of your report cards and transcripts on our website as part of our service. We also encourage you to keep portfolios containing samples of your child’s work throughout the year, photos, reading lists, etc. Portfolios are a great way to document your child’s progress and accomplishments. These portfolios will not only serve as a scrapbook of your child’s work, but they can also be invaluable in later years when applying to colleges or seeking job positions.