How long does the enrollment process take?

Frequently Asked Questions

Registering for an account and enrolling your students only takes a few moments of your time. The student enrollment begins as soon as your students are fully enrolled in our system. Fully enrolled means your tuition is paid, the enrollment form is filled out completely and all the State required documents are uploaded to your student’s profile. Once the student is fully enrolled, we will verify the account and change the student’s enrollment status from “Pending” to “Enrolled.” The State of Florida allows 30 days from the initial enrollment in which to submit said documents to the school, before the student is considered out of compliance. Consequently, the student’s enrollment does not “officially” begin with attendance being accrued, until the entire enrollment process is complete and the student’s enrollment status has been changed to “Enrolled.” If you need an extension on the documents, please contact us to let us know.