I understand that the State requires compulsory attendance. How do I report attendance?

Frequently Asked Questions

From the Florida State Statutes:

1003.21 School attendance.—

(1)(a)1. All children who have attained the age of 6 years or who will have attained the age of 6 years by February 1 of any school year or who are older than 6 years of age but who have not attained the age of 16 years, except as otherwise provided, are required to attend school regularly during the entire school term.

HPA school term is 365 days per year, from September 1st-August 31st, annually with no re-enrollment required as long as the student remains enrolled.

Attendance is automatically recorded for each day of paid tuition. If monthly payments are missed, the attendance will not reflect the missing days unless the account is changed to a YEARLY tuition family plan.

If tuition is not paid after one month is missed, it will be assumed you have withdrawn, and your student’s account will be closed/withdrawn. You will either need to re-enroll your student or source some other means of educational coverage to comply with compulsory attendance laws. If your student was withdrawn and you would like to reinstate your account and student enrollment, you will need to reinstate (pay) your tuition, and you will also be charged a new registration fee of $25. To avoid paying the registration fee again in the future, be sure not to allow your payment plan to lapse.