I want to withdraw. What happens if I decide to enroll my child back into public school, change private schools, register with my county as a homeschooler, or move out of state?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you choose to withdraw from HPA for any reason, please go to the withdraw page and follow the instructions. Please do so within 30 days of withdrawal from our program.

If you were to enroll your child in a different private school, register with the state as a home-educated student, or enroll in a public school, you would have to submit to the enrollment requirements of the state and/or school with which you are registering. If a public school, most often, the student would be placed in an age-appropriate grade level and possibly tested for placement. You may read more about this on the Florida Department of Education website.

When transferring to another school, please tell the school you homeschooled your child under the Florida non-public “cover” school option. If they are told we are just a private school, they will most likely send us a records request, for which we have no records to send unless you have filled out and maintained the online report cards and/or transcripts. Therefore, it would be better for all involved if this were avoided altogether. Please keep in mind that unless you provide the optional report card and/or transcript information in our online portal, we will have nothing to send to them, and you will then be responsible for providing them with that information.