I want to withdraw. What happens if I decide to enroll my child back into public school, change private schools, register with my county as a homeschooler, move out of state or graduate my student?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you choose to withdraw a student from HPA for any reason, you’ll go to your account dashboard, “students,” then “view/edit.” Click the withdrawal button and fill out the form. After it’s received (this may take 2-3 business days), the student’s enrollment status will be changed from “enrolled” to “withdrawn.”

Then, you will need to either change your family plan to remove the student from your subscription or cancel your subscription so you are not charged for the student in the future. DO NOT remove them from your plan before changing their enrollment status from “enrolled” to “withdrawn.” If they are removed before they are withdrawn and you have other students remaining, changing your family plan may result in the unintentional removal of a student other than the one you wish to withdraw. It will also impede receiving grading or other verification documents you may need.

Before withdrawing, please fill out any grade documents you need or download a grade completion letter, especially if the student is going to another school. If the student is graduating, filling out the transcripts before withdrawing is strongly recommended. Once the withdrawal has been processed, you will receive a withdrawal/graduation verification email. If the student has graduated, a diploma may be ordered from the documents page of your account after the student’s withdrawal has been processed.

If you were to enroll your child in a different private school, register with the state as a home-educated student, or enroll in a public school, you would have to submit to the enrollment requirements of the state and/or school/program with which you are registering. If a public school, most often, the student would be placed in an age-appropriate grade level and possibly tested for placement. You may read more about this on the Florida Department of Education website.

When transferring to another school, please tell the school you homeschooled your child under the Florida non-public “cover” school option. If you tell them you were enrolled in a private school, they will send us a records request, and unless you’ve entered that information into our system, we will have nothing to send to them. If they send us a records request, you must provide the optional report card and/or transcript information on your account dashboard, or we will have nothing to send to them. If that is the case, and we have no academic records to send them, we will tell them that we are a private cover school for home-educated students; therefore, all academic records are held and maintained by the student’s parents/guardians. Then, you will be directly responsible for providing the school with the necessary educational documentation to satisfy their requirements.