My student is graduating, how do I order a diploma/transcript and when should I withdraw them?

Frequently Asked Questions

We are still working on getting the diplomas available on the website, so in the meantime, to receive the diploma, you will need to use this donate link to pay for the diploma. They are $20 each. We’ll send you the link to the order form once we receive the donation and your email letting us know that it has been paid (how much, what for, how many, and for whom).

When the diploma is made, a hard copy will be mailed to the address you put on the order form, and a digital printable copy will be uploaded to your account. After that, when the student is ready to graduate, you will withdraw using the link on your “student” dashboard within your HPA account. After receiving the withdrawal form, your student’s status will be changed from “enrolled” to “withdrawn.” Then you will need to either change your family plan to remove the student from your subscription or cancel your subscription so you are not charged for the student in the future. DO NOT remove them from your plan before their enrollment status has been changed from “enrolled” to “withdrawn.”

If you think you will need transcripts in the future, please enter all the information into the transcript from now before withdrawing. That way, the transcripts will be uploaded to Parchment for future access if ever needed. This is HIGHLY recommended. It is a much easier process to complete the transcripts now before the student is withdrawn rather than later. One never knows what the future holds for a student later in life. If you need a physical copy of the transcripts, sealed and mailed, they are $15 each. Please send an email with the student’s name and the address to be mailed.