You mentioned that we may choose to use no curriculum at all? How can we homeschool without using curriculum? Or what is Unschooling?

Frequently Asked Questions

For starters, as part of HPA you have freedom and are in complete control of all educational choices and decisions. You may choose to use any educational materials you would like. Co-ops, homeschool groups, community classes, private classes, tutors, or just sitting around your dining room table, are all acceptable options. A simple google search will provide you with a plethora of options, many of which are at little or no cost to you.

We began our home-educating journey as strict school-at-homers. Over time and in educating ourselves on the subject, we evolved into an unschooling family. I prefer to use the term “Whole Life Learners.” I believe the term unschooling leads one to believe that we don’t “school” at all. Unschooling does not necessarily mean we don’t ever use school; it simply means we learn through living by following our interests; some of those interests may even be in a classroom setting. We trust that in doing so, we will get what we need when we need it. I say we because we all learn constantly; even as grownups, we never stop! As parents, we are more facilitators than teachers. We allow the child the freedom to learn at their own pace and provide opportunities and materials by which to do so. Indeed, if enrolling in classes, co-ops, or even back into brick-and-mortar school is something the child wants or needs, we would also facilitate that.

For more information on unschooling, please visit my Unschooling Resources page.