How to Register and Enroll

There are three main registration and enrollment steps to follow, detailed below.

It is best to do this with a computer rather than a mobile device, as only some information is shown on mobile devices. It can be done, but it is more complicated.) 

  1. Register your family (Parent) account and pay the necessary tuition fees. 
  1. Enroll your students individually. 
  1. Complete the student enrollment by uploading the required documents to their individual accounts. 

1. To register your Family/Parent account, go to the “home” page of the HPA website and click “Enroll Today,” then read the requirements section. Once you understand the attendance and document requirements, scroll down and click the blue bar that says, “Begin Enrollment.” 

On the next screen, you will enter the following information: 

–Number of Students 

–Subscription (Monthly or Yearly)

–Your Family Name (This will be your Family/Parent account identifier, it’s usually your or your student’s last name, either is fine; they don’t have to match) 

Click “Next Step” at the bottom. That will take you to the checkout screen. At the top of the screen, if you have a coupon code, you’ll enter and apply the coupon code there.

Scroll down, enter the parent account/billing information, and make sure the coupon code is applied, if applicable and all totals are correct before submitting payment. Read and agree to the terms and conditions. Submit by clicking “Register Now” at the bottom.

2. After payment is complete, it will take you to the “order complete” page. Scroll down and click the blue bar that says, “Begin Student Enrollment”, or go to “My Account” then “Dashboard” and click “Add Student” or scroll down, look for the big grey box that says, “Enroll Your Students,” and click it.

This is the student enrollment form. Enter all the information and answer all the questions by following the instructions given for each question. If the student does not have their own email address, leave it blank. DO NOT enter your email address here.

Before SUBMITTING, please double-check to ensure all the student information is correct and that it is NOT a duplicate of one you have already entered. This is VERY important! If you inadvertently enter a student more than once, it will take up one of your tuition seats. If this happens, you will need to contact us to delete the incorrect entry, as there is no way to edit the student’s username after it’s been created.  

After you’ve verified that all questions have been answered and the information is correct, scroll down and click “Add Student” at the bottom. Repeat, if necessary, for all students.  

3. To complete the enrollment process, after entering all your students individually is done, you will go to “students,” where you will see all your student(s) listed. On the right, you will see “Pending” and either “Information Required” or “Missing Fields,” “View/Edit.”  

Click “View/Edit.” This will take you to the student-grade-specific enrollment form. Double-check that all the questions are answered and answer any that still need to be answered (if any). 

This page is where you will upload the required documents to their respective slots. Again, this shows what goes where on a computer, not always on mobile devices. The first slot is for age verification, so birth cert, passport, or baptismal record. The second slot is the health form (or waiver) the third slot is the immunization record (or waiver). The State of Florida requires these forms so they MUST be uploaded to your account within 30 days of enrollment, or you and HPA will both be out of compliance with State law and could be subject to withdrawal if we are audited. You will not have full access to the site, enrollment/grading documents and attendance will not begin to accrue until the required documents are uploaded, and the student’s enrollment is complete. If you need more time, please get in touch with us to let us know. The site requires BOTH health documents uploaded to their respective slots in order to complete the enrollment. If you use the certificate of exemption provided, you may use it in BOTH health documents slots if needed. DO NOT SEND THEM TO US! They MUST be uploaded to your student profile. 

NOTE: We DO NOT need the age verification for students who have EVER attended ANY school before. It is typically needed for kindergarten students or those who have only been home educated. If you have ever had to submit age verification for a student at any other school before (including HAFS), you do not need to re-submit them here. 

International students are not legally required to submit health documents, but the site still requires them to complete the student’s enrollment. If you do not have the appropriate health documents, you may upload one of our “certificate of exemption” waivers into BOTH health document spots to satisfy the site’s requirements. 

When you’re uploading the documents, give them a few seconds to upload. There is a progress bar that shows them uploading and the name of the document will appear in the area after the upload is complete. After they have uploaded fully, click “update” to save them to the student profile. 

Once payment and enrollment are complete, we will verify your accounts are complete, and then we will change the enrollment status from “Pending” to “Enrolled” At that point, you will gain full access to all the site has to offer for enrolled families and students. Please be sure to check out the site, especially the Resources and Curriculum Resources pages.  

That’s all there is to it! If you have any questions or issues with the process, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you!