Canva Pro for Education

We offer Canva Pro for Education for all our HPA-enrolled families! Both teachers and students with HPA MS365 school accounts can get Canva for Education for FREE for the duration of their enrollment with HPA.

To sign up for Canva Pro for Education, you must first request and set up your MS365 school email address by signing up on the MS365 Resources page of the HPA website.

After your MS365 account has been created and you’ve completed the sign-in process, you will be able to create your Canva account by using your MS365 school email address and the SSO login (instructions below).

When you go to the Canva website or app you’ll click “log in,” and then click “continue with email.” It will ask for your email address (use the MS365 hc-pa email address) and click “continue.” Then choose “Log in with SSO.” You will not need to enter a password.

If you already have a Canva account, you may still use it, but you must log into that separately and change or add your school email to your account for it to work. Then log in with email and SSO.