Florida Virtual School Flex Program

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We are fortunate to have an affiliation agreement with the Florida Virtual School Flex Program. This means that all currently enrolled HPA middle and high school students residing in Florida may register and participate in the FLVS Flex Program free of charge*. (Please do not confuse this with the FLVS Full-Time K-12 program, a public school NOT affiliated with HPA.) For middle and high school students residing out of State/Country, FLVS is also an option. FLVS Global is available to you; however, there is a fee for the service. Please visit https://flvs.net/global-school for more information.

Elementary-aged students in grades K-5 residing in Florida may also participate in the FLVS Flex Program free of charge*. Please be aware that there are some differences in the requirements for the elementary program. Please visit https://flvs.net/elementary for more information.

Instructions for registration in FLVS Flex:

Please click the applicable links on this page if you want to use this service. When registering with FLVS Flex, please do so as a private school student. If they require a student ID number, this is your student’s social security number. (You may need to add an x to the end of the ss#). After you choose your district (our school is located in Escambia county), a drop-down box will open with a list of available schools; choose Hillcrest Private Academy. Choose Sabrina Hill as the guidance counselor. If Sabrina’s name is not a choice, you have registered incorrectly and must follow the steps above again or contact FLVS customer service for assistance.

After the registration process is complete, please send us an email, text, or message containing your child’s name, letting us know you have courses awaiting approval. ie. “Jane Smith is awaiting course approval on FLVS.” Then please allow up to 48hrs for us to approve your classes. Every time you register for classes, you must inform us so we may approve the classes. Please note that FLVS tells you they will inform us you are awaiting approval, but they do not.

FLVS Flex is just one curriculum option available to students of HPA. It is an option and by no means a requirement of enrollment in HPA.

*All FLVS Flex registered students must provide FLVS with proof of Florida residency to use this service free of charge. If your student receives Florida School Choice scholarships, each FLVS course MUST be paid with scholarship funds. FLVS will send you invoices each time you register for courses. If they are not paid, FLVS will drop the courses.