Minecraft For Education

For Educators and Students

Connect students’ passion with purpose through game-based learning. Learn to teach with Minecraft, find activities to engage your students across subjects.

Minecraft Education is a game-based platform that inspires creative, inclusive learning through play. Explore blocky worlds that unlock new ways to take on any subject or challenge.

To get Minecraft Education for the drastically reduced price of just $6 per year, you’ll first need to create a Microsoft 365 account and choose the Minecraft Education add-on and pay the $6 per license fee by using this donate link. Please say in the description what and for whom the donation is for.

Each person wishing to play will need their own account in order to play simultaneously. You’ll simply make a MS365 account, add on and pay for each Minecraft license needed. Once you’ve received your MS365 email address and Minecraft license you may download Minecraft Education and log in using your MS 365 school email address and password.

Click here for Minecraft Education teaching resources.