ABCmouse is an online curriculum for preschool to 2nd grade (ages 4-8). Our families have FREE access to ABCmouse when used with their school email address from MS365. If you do not yet have an account with MS365, you may request one here. After setting up your MS account, you may use the associated school email address to register for your ABCMouse account.

Please follow the instructions below to register for your FREE ABCmouse Teacher account.

Go to, click “Get Started,” then choose Private School. Fill in the application form using your MS365 school email address, your information, and the following school information:

School Name: Hillcrest Private Academy
School Address: 7150 Tippin Ave. #11456
City: Pensacola
State: FL
Zip Code: 32504
School Phone: 850-972-8099
Teacher Title: Teacher
Head of School: Sabrina R Hill, Administrator
Administrative Contact Name: Sabrina R Hill
Administrative Contact Email:
Type of Account: Classroom
Number of Students: Number of your currently enrolled students
Years as a Teacher: The years you’ve been teaching/homeschooling.
I will be using ABCmouse for Teachers primarily for: Multiple Grade Levels (recommended)
It will force you to choose grade ranges. You may select any of these. If you choose “other,” enter “Small mixed grade-level classroom” as your answer.
Agree to their Terms and Conditions and click “Next.” It will ask you to print or save the page to your desktop (recommended).
Click “Print” then “Continue.”

It will prompt you to answer a survey, which you may do if you choose to. If you do, please answer “Colleague/Fellow Teacher.”
The next step is to create your teacher account. DO NOT change your Name and School information.
Select your avatar and a teacher for your classroom, then click “Next.”
You will add your student’s information here. If you choose, you may enter your personal email address or the email address of another parent/guardian. DO NOT enter your ABCmouse school email address here!
After entering each student, click “+Add,” then “Next.”
It will tell you how many students you have added. You should add ALL of your age-appropriate students at this time. When they’ve been added, click “Confirm Class.”
Now you should be on the page that says, “Step 3: Get Started on”

To get the most out of, we suggest you watch the “Getting Started” video, which will be presented to you on this page. Follow and read the links provided to learn more about what to do and how to navigate the ABCmouse website.
Once you are finished there, click “Go to ABCmouse.”

We hope you enjoy this curriculum resource provided as a FREE add-on to your tuition plan!